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Word of Caution
It doesn't matter if you believe or you do not believe in spells.  Spells have been a part of our history for centuries and continue to be a part of many peoples daily lives depending on what part of the country you come from or what type of religion you believe in.

It must be said that spells do come in the form of good and bad in today's time just as it has in the past.  Black art and white art can easily be mistaken and mixed up if you are not experienced in the art of spell casting.  Those who wish to practice magic must understand the laws of the universe.  Do not play with things that you don't understand.  If you mess with evil, evil will come knocking at your door.

Spell Prayers
For most of us, just the mention of the word "spell" usually sends shivers down the spine of the common person because of the spooky stories at Halloween of dark witches and warlocks.  Having said that it must also be said, not all spell casting is meant to be evil and much information about spells and those who can cast spells are done for the good of others according to what research tells us.

A very interesting thing that we found out while doing our research is that spells can also be a type of prayer.  Yes! Most people would never even think of relating a prayer with a spell but research tells us that it's true.  An example of this is when a healing meal has been prepared and blessed for someone who is sick and in need of healing nourishment.  The healing meal was made by a belief process and a "prayer spell" is said over the meal before it is served.

Either way, good or bad, it's a combination of the Mind and the Will.

Definition of a Magic Spell
a verbal formula believed to have magical force.  Place under a spell or a psychological state induced by (or as if induced by) a magical incantation.

Magic vs. Magick: According to neo-pagans, “magic” is just tricks and sleight of hand, what many people call illusions.

Magick is tapping into the powers within the universe and manipulating natural laws through spells.

Related Definitions

Find more definitions at:

Note: Spells and/or Potions are related to the same thing.


Information about magic spells
magical spells
luck spells
witches spells
wicca spells
healing spells
voodoo spells

Spell Related Products

KitchenWitch cookbooks

Examples of  Magic Spells from the past

Wart Spells
Folk Remidies have been our favorites for many many years and wart spells have also been part of our history for many many years.  This spell is intended for people who want to remove some wart off their body and it doesn't matter how big or small the wart is.

These spells below will make most of you new to spell casting laugh.  Laugh or not, many people swear by them.  but.... we do not guarantee that they work.

As the pea rots, the wart will go away.

"May Moon, May Moon,
May this wart wane to your tune."

Then as the May moon wanes, your wart will disappear.

   "Wart wart, on the snail's shell black,
   Go away soon, and never come back."

The snail was then put on the branch of a tree or bramble, and fixed thereon by means of as many prickly thorns as there were warts. When the snail has rotted the warts disappear.


Other Spells

Please keep in mind that our Directory is for fun but it does help you research a subject matter and we are in no way promoting the use of spells.  Please use our Directory for project research and educational purposes.
See a large list of Spell Books for sale and spell related items.
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