Spooky Spaghetti
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Spaghetti is a spooktactular meal for your Halloween supper.
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Spaghetti for Halloween Supper
Spaghetti is a perfect meal for your Halloween supper and it has got to be one of the easiest meals to fix as well.  Spaghetti is an all time favorite food for kids and teenagers. Most adults love it as well.  At Halloween time you can use your imagination to come up with all types of spooky names for your spaghetti depending on what you pick to add to it.  Keep reading below and we will give you many different ideas to help you fix your Spooky Spaghetti.

Black Icing Paste
A really easy way to make your Spooky Spaghetti really spookyyyyy.... is to serve your family black spaghetti.  Black is a dominant color for Halloween and if you can come up with any food that's black then it's going to add an extra spooky dimension to your meal.  To make your spaghetti noodles black, all you have to do is add Black Icing Paste to the water that you boil your spaghetti in.  Boil the noodles according to the box directions.  You can find black Icing Paste in the cake decorating section of your super market or craft store.  We even found it at Amazon where you can

Now.... depending on the paste and the amount that you use, you will get black to dark purple noodles in color.  Many times your noodles will be black the first day then leftovers tend to turn purple the next day.  Dark purple is  a spooky color too!

Ideas for your Halloween Supper
Black Spaghetti is just perfect to eat at Halloween.  You can tell your little ghosts and goblins that they are eating food in blood sauce.  A great idea is to add whole button mushrooms instead of sliced mushrooms and tell everyone that they are eating eyeballs.  Meatballs instead of ground hamburger meat could be eyeballs as well.

Bread Idea
For the bread, you can make it very fast and easy by taking ghost cookie cutters and simply cut the shapes out of loaf bread slices.  Add butter & garlic or if you have more time then toast the ghost shapes with cheese grated on top.  This meal is ohhhh soooo easy to do and gives you just enough spooky touches to excite everyone.

One Halloween we fixed Spooky Spaghetti and called it
"Bloody Buzzard guts and goo"
What we did was fry up chicken wing pieces and dropped in the deep black caldron of spaghetti.  (we used a really big black cast iron pot to get that extra spooky effect) The chicken was the buzzard wings.  The whole mushrooms was the buzzards eyeballs.  The black noodles was the guts and the tomato sauce that was full of chunky tomatoes and spices was the bloody goo.
If you have the time, try frying up some strips of bacon and crumble it over each serving.  It makes the dish spooktactular!

Left Overs
You know..... left over chicken and spaghetti is absolutely delichioussssss baked as well.  Don't toss out the left overs!  The next day just add more cheese to it and bake it for 35 minutes on 350.  If you want to add an extra bit of crunch to it... then fry some more bacon and spread on top. Bake again.

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