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Goodnight Moon
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Many neopagans hold a monthly ritual called an Esbat at each full moon, while some people practicing traditional Chinese religions prepare their ritual offerings to their ancestors and deities on every full and new moon.
moon info
"14 Day Tinctures should start on the new moon
and end on the full moon."

"Most farmers since time began have used the fazes of the moon to plant and harvest the crops. We know that the tides are effected by the moon and so are herbal tinctures. Start your tinctures on the first day of the new moon and end it on the full moon."  "Squeeze them off on the 14th day."
Natural healer Dr. Richard Schlze shows how to make Super Tonic.
Natural healer Dr. Richard Schulze talks about how to make herbal tinctures. Different kinds of liquid can be used.
  Natural healer Dr. Richard Schulze shows how to make his Super Tonic.