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One of the most popular theme's for Halloween is the spider. Webbed food and spider shaped treats are always the craze each and every year! Make sure you get in on the spider fun and web it out with the rest of us! You'll find we have listed some easy & unique ideas for you. #1 spider cupcakes​
​Are you ready to claw your way to the best drink recipes for your next party? Well meet our puring mascot & follow on all fours to some salava dropping cocktails & beverages. Cats know how to search out cream so don't be surprised if you find a few worth lapping up yourself. We have a list of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that your guests will be itching.....
Every Halloween table has at least 2 dips to be devoured. Dips are what parties are all about right! You can find recipes to thick dips, thin dips, veggie dips and cheese dips and we can't leave out the "Salsa"! They all taste delicious and work great for any Halloween party.
Every good witch collects recipes with garlic for the best caldron cooking around.
Many holidays are linked to faiths and religions Christian holidays are defined as part of the liturgical year. The Orthodox Christian and Western-Roman Catholic patronal feast day or 'name day' are celebrated in each place's patron saint's day, according to the Calendar of saints.
Gardening is the practice of growing plants for their flowers or foliage, and vegetables or fruits for consumption. Gardening is a human activity in which plants are used to produce edible foods or to beautify the environment. So mark your calendars and always remember to celebrate National Garden Month along with other flower days
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Are you a graveyard gourmet? Mr. BoneyBones is the Gate Keeper of the Graveyard. Come let him walk you through his delicious page of meat dishes, perfect for your Halloween dinner. Bone's of all age's are alway's welcome to this page. Just watch where you step and be sure not to trample on any of his boney friends. Follow his suggestion's and you'll leave with a bag full on bone's for your next graveyard party.
Everything from pumpkin pies, pumpkin cakes, pumpkin breads to roasted pumpkin seeds. We share our home recipe for pumpkin soup and give you directions on how to bake pumpkin bowls too!  Spook em' up for a spooktactular Halloween party or dress them down for a heartwarming dinner party. 

All little Goblins love making & baking Halloween cookies! If your a parent with kids under the age of 12, then you can relate to the popularity of cookies during the Holiday Season. Cookie decorating is a traditional activity for many families & the list of varieties & classifications are on-going. Halloween cookies usually use cookie cutters & once baked; the whole family decorates with cookie icing and spooky sprinkles. 
Halloween Store
Halloween is all about candy! So we couldn't leave this section out!  We collect what we think to be the best candy recipes out in the spooky-oh-Internet-world!  So have some fun this Halloween season and make up some sweet delishious treats. Crusty booger ballswafer witch hats & crunchy bones will always be on our table.
Halloween around 
the world
Witch Whaling Party
It's doesn't have to be Halloween to have a spooky party. Nope, Witch Whaling parties are held all throughout the year & it simply means a party where everyone has an excuse to tell ghost stories, watch scary movies & eat spooky food. We witches like to share our potions and recipes too.

Healing Meals!
More and more people are taking it upon themselves to learn how to stay healthy by learning how to heal by food.  Most of us don't even think about how what we eat can actually heal our bodies by strengthening our immune system.

Halloween CupCakes:                 
You always find cupcakes at parties because there so easy to decorate in the theme of your party. If your having a monster theme party then you can make monster cupcakes. If your having a ghost theme party then make ghost cupcakes
Halloween Dessert Recipes
This is a mixed assortment of Halloween dessert recipes that just don't seem to fit into any of the other categories. You will find recipes like Popcorn, Caramel Apples, pies, puddings etc. How-to videos like Ghosts in the graveyard : how-to- recipes are the best!
Rice Krispie Treats
Rice Krispie Treats will always be a favorite no matter what the Holiday is.
Halloween Cake Ideas
Halloween Popcorn Balls
Popcorn Balls have been a long time tradition at Halloween and in this section you can find some yummie popcorn ball recipes.
A potion is a liquid or liquid mixture, especially one that is.....medicinal, poisonous, or magical.  Therefore it is a drinkable medicine or poison.  A potion is an herbal tea prepared during the appropriate lunar phase and made with herbal ingredients possessing the correct magickal properties.