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Please read the whole page before placing an Ad.
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What is
Gone-ta-pott is "An Entertainment Directory like No Other!" and... the ONLY Entertainment Directory on the Internet of its kind!  We offer many different types of Advertising Options as part of our Directory website.  A Directory of your Links that viewers can click on to take them to your fun site or your fun page that you have advertised and listed with us.  Our Directory makes it fun to search! is a "Family Safe Site"
so that means- No sexual content; illicit drugs or narcotics; politics; anti-government/anti-american sentiment; gambling/casino; sweepstakes or hunting sites please. We promised our sponsors that we wouldn't do that, so therefore we can't allow it. Thank You for your understanding.

What type of Ads?
Word Links - Sentence links, Paragraph links only.
At this time, No picture links or banner links are accepted.
Those are reserved for our sponsors.

How long will my Ad be listed?
Our Directory is Advertised as a monthly Directory.  That means that your Ad will run for 1 whole month and the top listings will change completely for the next month!  Our visitors come to visit our Directory each and every month expecting to find something new and Entertaining. It's like a giant newsletter that's updated and we all know how readers loveeeeee newsletters!  On occasion, some pages will have a lower list of webmasters Advertising for that pertictular page.  When this happens, we allow the links to stay longer to make sure the page stays full of link options for our new readers.

Our Directory has a very large "Return Back" following so that tells us that our Directory is functioning just like it was ment to function.  Not only do we get the new readers but our Directory has the ability to keep them returning back each month to see whats new.  This is why we try and keep our listing at 1 month listing. If we let it be yearly listing or perminent listing then our website would not function as it was made to function.  Being done this way, it allowing our viewers something to look forward too.  People like to be suprised and excited about seeing whats listed next.  We give this to our readers.  And....since it's being done this way instead of the average line by line Directory, an Advertiser is much more likely to get clicks from their links because the list will be shorter. We like our list to change each and every month so we will be sure to have return visitors

A Quick Breakdown of our prices.
$1.00   Sentence links                              50 letters        1 month listing!
$3.00   Small Paragraph                        50 words        1 month listing! $5.00   Medium Paragraph                100 words        1 month listing!
$7.00   Large Paragraph                     150 words         1 month listing!

Prices are subject to change at the beginning of each month

Theme Pages
Theme Pages are Great! People have their favorite subjects that they enjoy reading about and our theme pages draw a lot of attention. Why?  Because they are both Entertaining and Fun.  A "Theme Page" has everything you can think of that has to do with the theme itself. 

Here's are examples of theme pages that you can choose from.
Alligator  Crab  Shark  Clam  Lobster  Octopus  Oyster
For the complete list, see the right hand side of the page.

Example: If a theme page is "Shark" - Then you could choose any of these things listed below that you could contribute and ad your link to.  Or use your imagination and think of something new for your link, just as long as it relates to sharks.

These are just general ideas of how any website owner can take advantage of a Theme Page in our Entertainment Directory and use it to their advantage.  Ads are read more often if they are disguised- so to speak, in a way that they belong to the page and become part of the page.  You are more likely to get clicks out of it that way.  This is what our Entertainment Directory is all about. We provide the Internet with a fresh new way for websites to advertise and at the same time we provide our readers with a fresh new way to be entertained.

OK I'm interested in placeing an Ad
How does it work?

You decide which Ad Price you want to go with.
$1.00   Sentence links                              50 letters        1 month listing!
  $3.00   Small Paragraph                        50 words        1 month listing!      $5.00   Medium Paragraph                100 words        1 month listing!
  $7.00   Large Paragraph                     150 words         1 month listing!

We make things very simple!  We have found that Advertisers are hesitant to pay for anything over the Internet unless they know for sure that their Ad has been placed.  So in light of that; here's how we do it.  Before you pay for your Ad - Email us at
Place - "Advertising Order" - in the subject line.
In your email you must supply this information.
Your Name
Ad information
What you want your Ad to link too
Which of our pages you want it placed on
Your Contact Email Address
Your mailing Address
Your telephone number
We then print out your email and place it in the "Ads to be Filled" file.
Note: We will not place any ads that do not supply us with ALL contact information.  We must be able to match your information with your payment when you send it. We do not use any of your information for any other purpose other than record keeping.

What happens next?
If we accept your Ad; then we will notify you by Email; that your Ad has been placed in our Directory.  You then need to look at your Ad and make sure that everything is correct. 
Note: All ads must comply with the guidelines, policies and laws of the Federal Trade Commission ( We retain the right to edit or refuse any and ALL types of ads. We encourage substantiation and documentation of all claims made. No hate, racial, spam, illegal, or adult related content permitted.

Payment Options
Ok, now what do I do?
You decide which "Payment Option" works best for you.

Option 1
You can pay directly through our paypal "Buy Now" links if the links are provided in the areas that you want to place your Ad.
Option 2
We use paypal for our payment processor.  They accept credit cards and this option works great for International website owners.
paypal -
Option 3
United States residents ONLY!
You may pay with a check or money order.
Make check payable to: Pam Svoboda /Gone-ta-pott
903 Lawton Ct.
Fort Walton Beach Florida

Important Note:
These are not reoccurring listings.  We list by the month or no more than every 3 months. If you want to re-list after your 1 or 3 months is up... you have to pay through paypal again and then contact me with your information.  We do this because many websites change their website hosts and forget to let us know or just simply drop out of publication.  This way it forces our subscribers to update with us every quarter in order to make sure we are listing with the correct link. We are sure to have an updated Directory at all times with no dead links plus a fresh rotated Directory.

We use PayPal as our payment processor.
PayPal accepts payments with 56 different countries!

Thank You!
Working together and helping each other is the only way to succeed in the Internet Business.  We help you by designing unique & entertaining pages that our readers want to return to again and again.
You help us by filling our pages with excellent website links for our readers to click on. Together we make Internet Business!
Thank You Webmasters!

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