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  Turkey Recipes!
Most Common Ways to eat Turkey all throughout the year!
This list can also be used as a guide to use turkey leftovers once the holiday dinners are over

More Recipes:
brown rice & ground turkey
roasted brined turkey recipe


External Links:
Discover more than 900 delicious versions on the National Turkey Federation’s Web site.

This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses some material from Wikipedia/article cookbookturkey/ and other related pages. Top photo: homestead
Common Meals
BreakfastSecond Breakfast
BrunchLunchDinner  • Supper
Tea (meal) • Afternoon TeaHigh Tea
Holidays To Remember!
National Turkey Lovers Month: June
National Herb Week: May
National Salad Month: May
National Nutrition Month: March
World Vegetarian Day : October
Turkey is available in a lot more ways that just the whole bird.

Heah don't fret! Who says you have to cook a whole turkey to enjoy the delicious flavors of a turkey dinner. Cookbooks are packed full of turkey recipes that use ground turkey meat in hundreds of different ways! A great tip to keep in mind is..... when recipes call for chicken, most often turkey can be used as a substitute!
Turkey Related Pages!
Turkey Food Facts / Turkey Roasting Tips
Turkey Paper Frills / Turkey Carving Tips
Turkey Accompaniments
Traditional Thanksgiving Food
Roasted Brined Turkey Recipe
Food Holidays
Turkey Sandwich:
Turkey Sandwiches are a favorite in lunch boxes all around the world. Turkey deli meat can be found daily at the grocery store but left over chunks of turkey can also make a great sandwich too. Turkey sandwiches can be simply made or gourmet style in flavor. Hot open face sandwiches are a favorite in the winter season where cold crisp sandwiches are popular in the summer. sandwich types
Turkey Salads:
Turkey meat can be added to just about any type of salads. The key word is any type of garden salad in this case. A good example of that is a caesar salad. Add turkey to the top or side of caesar and you have a turkey caesar salad. Now let's talk about salads with no lettuce at all. We all know about tuna salads and chicken salads right? Tuna salad is a blend of typically three main ingredients: tuna, eggs, and some form of mayonnaise or mayonnaise-substitute, such as mustard. Just take that recipe and replace the tuna with turkey meat and you have a great salad. Turkey goes perfect with a bit of mustard so a tuna salad recipe works perfect.
Mexican /Southwestern:
We all know and love nachos made with ground beef or steak right? Well turkey nachos taste great too! Use the very same ingredients that you would if you were making it with steak and you have another winning meal the kids will love.  Don't stop there either. Go boretos & tacos!
Pot Pie:
A pot pie is a type of baked savory pie with a bottom and top completely encased by flaky crusts and baked inside a pie tin to support its shape.

An American pot pie typically has a filling of meat (particularly beef, chicken or turkey), gravy, and mixed vegetables (potatoes, carrots, green beans and peas). turkey pot pie recipe
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