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Website Stickiness
Adding stickiness to your website.
When I first heard the term "Website Stickiness", the first thing I thought of was a website that didn't flow smoothly. Imagine how surprised I was when I discovered the expression actually means making your website
so interesting
so entertaining
so informative
that visitors will want to return time after time after time!
Wow weeeeee! That said it all didn't it!  We know now just how important it is to add stickiness to our website.  Once we knew that, that's exactly what we started working on.  Below is a list of a few of the thing that we do to add stickiness to our website.  We hope that you find some helpful information that you can use on your website too.

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Hello! Welcome Webmasters to Page 2!
When we first started building our little website, we found that people were very hesitant to tell us what they used to promote their site unless it would make them affiliate money if they told us.  You know what I mean! Some people are afraid that if they tell you what to then become their competition in some way. Well we don't feel that way. We are more than willing to tell you what programs we are using and what programs we are testing the waters on because if you think about it......... your own website's design and subject matter is going to draw an audience all of it's own anyway..... and it doesn't matter if you and 10,000 others are doing the same thing.

We decided to make this page to help other new website owners gather information that might be useful to them.  Below is a list of some of the things that we use to help our website be successful. Keep in mind that the companies we have chosen to be affiliated with relate to the content of our website and may or may not be programs that would benefit your own websites content.  Reading and research is always the best in finding out thou.  Right! Smileeeeeeeee!
Page 1
Hummmm....... this very page is adding stickiness. It fits the description of adding information--- and adding interest. The subject alone...... "WEBMASTERS" is a draw all of it's own. Why? Because it's a wholeeeee lotttttt of webmasters out there and even more beginnerrrrrr webmasters! So by making a webmaster page we filled a needed subject matter to our viewers. Once a reader clicks on our link and they start to read our pages, they find out that it's helpful information that's not threatening and it's also not trying to fool you into buying something. Once a reader confirms this then they stay on the page and they continue to read the information that the site has to offer. See..... when you gain the confidence of your readers, you then add stickiness AGAIN!
You see, many many websites have a webmaster page. You see them all the time when your surfing different sites right? -- but you never knew why everyone put them on their site. Some webmaster pages just focus on how they can make money from you visiting their page........
but true Stickiness is----
Now ya' know what Stickiness is all about! (Smileeeeeeee)
Keep it simple! If I've heard this once I've heard this a thousand timesssss! "Don't load your site with cute or useless graphics."  Graphics must relate to the website.
Well let's talk about this........ if you have clicked through our website then you will know that we did not actually follow this rule! ha ha haha ha They say that pages cluttered with animated graphics or personal pictures do not present a professional impression. A few pictures are permitted Still, it is important to keep the images sizes as small as possible. Excessive or huge graphics cause your page to load slower. The majority of your visitors will not wait for a large graphic to download. Visitors have very little time or patience.
Our website doesn't follow the rules I guess when it comes to graphics. We have tonsssss of graphics and pics all over our site. While having said that, we do believe that it depends on the character of your site also that determines whether graphics would be good for it or not. Our website is designed to be whimsical so therefore we feel that it relates to our sites personality that the readers can actually feel when visiting. Another reason why we have kept all of the many graphics is because you don't find any sites out there that uses them. Why..... because all the rules say Nottt Tooo! Now when you think about it, that makes us "A website like No Other!"  Therefore we gain a certain kind of stickiness by being unique and different. You will not find a website that looks or feels like this one. Don't you agree?
We do believe that the load time is a problem and we most likely loose a lot of visitors because of the patience factor that was mentioned above.
As we speak we are working on making our pages shorter in length so it loads quicker to try and correct this type of stickiness problem.
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This is one of the simplest things that a website can do to add stickiness.
We use Homestead to build our site, so a button is provided for anyone who wants to use it on their pages. This is what ours looks like.

Often a visitor to your website will want to share the information they have discovered with a friend. This is exactly what your trying to accomplish. Adding this option, guarantees that the link will be correct. Andddddddd!
An email from a friend is more likely to be read than unsolicited email.
Now you also have another option and this one will generate revenue for you.  Using a Tell-A-Friend-Service . Yep I said a S-E-R-V-I-C-E alright! This is a FREE service that not many people know about.  Now in order for this to be something that would work for your site you would have to have page content that people would want to forward to others to read. In our case, we place them on our Mini Flash Game pages in hopes that game fanatics will send the page to other game fanatics. hehehehe..... We also place them in our Food Recipe pages in hopes that cooks will forward them to other family members. This helps to spreads our website and keeps Stickiness.The Internet is not flooded with these services yet so we thought it would be a good time to use the service. It can be a turn off for some people, although necessary for others. Here comes the big fancy words.......They consider this to be direct-response advertising.  Your current audience can produce additional traffic simply by forwarding your content to family and friends through a fully customizable form.
Click Below to see what the form looks like.

The content is then delivered to new users, generating traffic with your own viral marketing campaign. Wow you can't beat that at all. This was something that we really wanted to try and we are very pleased with it.
The added advantage of TAF Master is the ability to generate revenue as well as traffic.  We feel that this type of program is just perfect for us and will continue to use it.
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Make your site interactive
Well what does that mean? Well add interesting pages to your site that will make the visitor actually interact with the page and have reason to return back again. When a page engages a visitor it will make the visitor return again and again and this adds even more Stickiness! We have games that you can play on our site that engages the visitor. These games are Free to play so the visitors don't feel threatened to buy.
Subcommander, Cannon Blast, Blobs, Peanut, Boomerang Mayham,
Boom Boom Volleyball, Bubble Trouble, Seal Ball.
We also offer Greeting Cards as well.

Again this is something that the visitor interacts with and every time it's a Holiday, the visitor has a reason to return back again and resend more Greeting Cards. Stickinesssss Stickinessssss Stickinessss! Now these are what we use for our site because it fits the theme of our site and naturally we know that these ideas will not work for everyone....but I'm sure that once you think about what your own sites theme is, you will be able to think up several other ideas that will work for you. Other ideas for your site would be...........

Something to return back for.
In our case-- its Reading Content like Updating Headline News.
Here's some of our pages that are self updating that visitors come back to read each week. These pages either update each day, each week or each month.
Entertainment News
Current News Headlines
Music News Headlines
Sports News Headlines
Food News Headlines
Drink News Headlines
Fishing News
Today In History
Newsletter Archives
Daily Comics
Today's Horoscope
Angelic Realms
Now if your a really good writer then you can pick a subject matter and update your own pages each day. If your not a good writer or if your just short for time..... then you can get News Feeds that you can place on your site that will update itself and you don't have to worry about it. The best part is the Internet if full of FREE ones! There are also Great ones that cost $$$. Right now we are only using the Free ones but if your interested just do a search on a search engine like google or yahoo and see what pops up! This is what one looks like from our

Free headlines provided by Fresh
designed with Homestead
Well we hope this page has been informative for you. If you have the time feel free to read our next webmaster page 3, or surf through our Fun Gone-ta-pott website. It's more of an entertainment site that's great to sit down in front of with a tall glass of milk and a whole box of cookies!  Giggle~
Please come back to see us again real soon ok.
We love having you as our guest and we mean that.
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Thanks for visiting our website!
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