Provide a Email newsletter
Allow your visitors to sign up for free email newsletters that will inform them of changes on your website, upcoming events or special sales if your website sales products. If you had rather not keep up with a Email newsletter (Ezine) then think about adding a page to your website called "Online Newsletter."  There are manyyyy manyyyy people out there that just Will NOT subscribe to any newsletter because of it filling up their email storage or in fear that it will generate all sorts of unwanted emails in their inbox.  If you ad an Online Newsletter inside your website your readers can come and go as they please to read your newsletter without having to subscribe to it and in return you get the information out that your wanting to notify people of.  Besides building a healthy relationship between you and your visitors, it will increase your number of return visitors.  If you do, do a Email newsletter-NEVER sell the email address list to other businesses.

Never Spam
Spam is sending emails in mass quantities that was not requested. The sender often does not know the recipient and has generated his email list from a software package or bought it from a business that sells their information. Again, send only solicited email - meaning email that has been signed up for by filling out a form on your site.

Change your site frequently
What is it that makes a reader return back to your website?  It's FRESH CONTENT!  If every time someone revisits your site they see the same old thing, they probably will not return. It is important to occassionally add an article or new information. News sites do this on a daily basis, but for the rest of us we most likely are not able to change our content Daily.  But----- A bi-weekly or weekly update would give the visitor a reason to return - at the very least try for a monthly change. This Tip brings us right back to the "Online Newsletter" subject that we talked about above.  You see.....this is a way to have Fresh Updated content added to your website.  Get your visitors use to the fact that the Newsletter page will update either Weekly, biweekly or Monthly.  Also-- state that on your page so they know.  I have visited many websites that update their page once a month but you would never know it because its not stated anywhere on the page. If a reader came back to the site 2 weeks later they would think that it never updated. So our Big Tip is---- Provide an Online Newsletter on your site for your readers. Place the information at the top of the page about how often it updates. 
The content on this page updates the second Tuesday of each month.

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Cookin' with Coffee
Come meet Maybell the cow  & let  her walk you through her fun cookin with coffee section. She has every kind of coffee recipe you can think of.  Coffee's not just for drinking ya know! She has desserts and main course recipes and all use coffee as one of its ingredients.

Oceans'Of Fun
The is the fun section
of our website where you can play games, read jokes,  fun fact & trivia.  Plus, don't miss our  special Ocean Theme Pages!

Where's the
Come meet the Internet Cheese Rat. His job is to scamper all over the Internet & nibble a taste of all the websites that pertain to cheese in some way. Plus read recipes & tips in his own pages too.

Come meet Sweetie on her candy page & let her show you some of the best candy recipes around. Play her candy corn game or visit her favorite candy links.

Tiger Tips
on Marketing
Are you new to Marketing and have questions? Well  our Tiger Tip pages are great for the Internet Beginner! Read information about Search Engines, Traffic Exchanges & Marketing Tools. Plus much more.

Halloween Home
Interesting enough, all through the year, and not just at Halloween time, our Halloween pages are our most popular Holiday pages that our visitors visit. Our Halloween Home will keep you entertained with great spooky graphic pages and many different Haunted House links. We have "The Spookiest Recipe Directory on the Net!"  too!

2005 Calendars
Coffee Posters
Oil & Vinegar Posters
Frig. Magnets
Cheese Products
Hard to find
Dry Pasta Shapes

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