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  Weird Holiday Parties!

Looking for a wacky day to celebrate?
When we say weird we do mean weird! On this page were going to list a few of the most popular wacky holidays that people love to celebrate. Strange Holidays make perfect theme parties and our calendar has a long list of weird holidays to celebrate. The popularity of these holidays are spreading world wide because everyone loves to have fun. So, let's get the party started!  Are you ready to have a Weird Holiday Party?  Well to help you get your creative mind thinking about which weird party you would like to have, we have a few examples of how others like to celebrate all the weird Holidays in our calendar.

National Fruitcake Toss Day: January 3/7 - After the holidays are over, it's time to bring in the new, and toss out the old. It's your opportunity to finally throw away the old fruitcake in a fun way. This holiday is celebrated by playing fruitcake toss games. Make up your own games or play the traditional game of who can toss the fruitcake the best or who can toss the fruitcake to the circles marked on the ground.

Thomas Crapper Day /Toilet Day: January 27th - This holiday celebrates the invention of the flush toilet by having toilet parties and playing toilet games. The most popular games are toilet memory, toilet toss, mummie wrap and having a toilet line race. Toilet paper games fit right in! Once all the games are over..... Take those wonderful toilet pictures with your friends to remember the fun "Thomas Crapper, Toilet Day Holiday!"

National Snowman Burning Day: March 20th - Snowman Burning Day is a festival or home party to mark the end of winter and welcome spring.  It's a way to celebrate the change of the seasons. We say goodbye to the last icy snowman by helping it melt as we set it a fire and watch it burn. Snowmen consisting of paper, wood, wire and paint is set on fire in bonfire style. Some traditions just burn the clothes off a snowman build of snow as participants watch it melt away.

National Tweed Day / Celebrated on April 3rd:  celebrates the warm and fashionable tweed material. This woolen clothing is popular in Scotland. In fact it originated in Scotland. Tweed is more popular in the north and not often worn in the south because of the warmer weather. Having said that, we do find that tweed jackets & hats are popular in the winter for hunters.  Either way our culture welcomes tweed parties. Scottish people have tweed parties, many sewing and stitching clubs, even quilting clubs in the US will plan a tweed party on this holiday as well. School Class Rooms even have a tweed party day as part of history class. We find that tweed clothing parties are planned on this day too. Do you sale tweed clothing? Well here's an opportunity to sale your tweed and have some tweed fun too. Get crazy with it!

National Scavenger Hunt Day: always May 24 - This holiday is always celebrated by having scavenger hunts of any theme. This is extremely popular with church groups colleges and teenagers. "During Scavenger Hunt, teams compete to acquire items off a list of approximately 300 items, with each item assigned a point value and evaluated by a panel of judges." "Items involve performances, construction, arts and crafts, research, travel and finding obscure objects."

Build a Scarecrow Day: First Sunday in July - This holiday celebrates the garden scarecrow and what the purpose of the scarecrow is. On this holiday it is typical to have a scarecrow building party. It's also popular to have scarecrow scavenger hunts. Many garden clubs honor this day by having a Scarecrow Party where fresh garden fruits and veggies are exchanged along with garden talks and great garden salads for the meal.

Talk Like A Pirate Day: September 19 - Everyone has a little bit of pirate in them right? So why not show us  all on this pirate theme holiday just how good you are at talking like a pirate. This holiday is a day to enjoy yourself and celebrate the history of pirates. Part of the fun is having pirate parties, dressing up like pirates, eating pirate food and talking like a pirate. You would think that this holiday is just for kids but pirate parties are actually celebrated more by adults than by children. Wow!

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Americans love to find any excuse to have a party!
The stranger the holiday, the better the party!

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