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What is an Auto-Surf Program?
Paid Autosurf programs pay you to view websites.  You must be a member of the AutoSurf program but the sign up is usually pain less.  AutoSurf programs are on Auto so the pages will change every 30 seconds. (depending on the program)  You don't have to click it manually and change the page each and every time like you have to do with most Traffic Exchanges.  You usually get paid to view a certain amount of sites. It can vary in different programs, but averages at about 10-100 sites per day.  Once you sign up with the program, you make sure you log into your account every single day and do your AutoSurfing.  This is the key to being paid for that day.  Most all websites have an AutoSurf button that you click on, so it is very easy to do your daily surfing.

How does it all work?
In paid autosurf programs, you are paid a percentage of your current upgrade (investment and/or membership fee). The percentage may vary from program to program, but most stable "Get-Paid-To-Surf-Programs" will pay you 1% to 5% daily for 365 days.  Many people prefer to dable in a higher percentage of around 6% to 10% and stay in the middle risk range.  Anything above say... the 12% mark is considered to be high risk.   Payments are processed every month, either at the beginning of the month, or at the end. You can request a payment if you have earned a minimum amount needed to get paid and this amount is set by each website and they all differ. The minimum requirement ranges from around $10-$50, but since Auto-Surfs are becoming so popular...more and more are going with a daily payout so there is no minimum.  Just remember.... those sites that are High Returns means High Risks, so never invest more than you are willing to lose.

Key Features
One of the key features of a "Paid-AutoSurf-Site,"  is you can also advertise a website of your choosing with the autosurf programs. While surfing you earn money and credits, these credits can be allocated to your sites.  You can advertise your site for free and get thousands of hits every month.  These hits are real people who view the sites.  When you have thousands of people viewing your site, you then have the opportunity to generate sales and earn referral commissions as well.  It's a win win situations!

Paid autosurf programs present you one of the easiest ways to make money online. To start earning you don't need to invest very much money at all.  You get to pick what you would like to invest.  You don't have to recruit other people either.  Most AutoSurf programs do have a referral bonus set up for those who do want to promote, but you do not have to do that if it doesn't interest you.

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Disclaimer:  This website is strictly informational resources, the administration of this website cannot be held liable in case of a money loss with any investment programs. By visiting our website, you agree to these terms and conditions. You agree to join these programs by your own free choice. I cannot be held responsible for what success or failure you have with any particular program.  Read the Terms and FAQ of the respective opportunities.
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