Wooly Spider Cupcakes
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In honor of all the National Holidays in our calendar, this page is dedicated to Halloween and National Save a Spider Day.

Let me tell you about spider cupcakes!
Hello everyone. Pam here with Gone-ta-pott.com and I would love to to share with you how to make fun spider cupcakes. Now the Internet is full of different ways to make spiders but I have made spider cupcakes like this for years. Take a look at our photo above.  As you can see, a table full of spiders looks very impressive and will make your family scream with delight. Spider cupcakes are perfect for Halloween, perfect for National Save a spider day and perfect for a spider theme birthday party too.

Many years ago I stated  making Spider Cakes at Halloween. I donated many of these cakes to be used for cake walks each year. A cake walk is a game that you pay for a chance to win a cake and everyone walks around in a circle to music. The lucky person who has the correct number when the music stops is the winner of a cake. A Cake walk is a popular game that's put on by organizations who are making up money up for good causes in the community.

After making spider cakes for so many years I finally graduated to making spider cupcakes which I call wooly baby spiders.

Spider Theme Bithday Party
For a Spider Theme Birthday Party, what I like to do is bake a spider cake and put it in the middle of the table. The photo above is showing a metal candy dish in the center but for a birthday party I like to bake a big spider cake and place the homemade baby spider cupcakes around the Mama spider.  When it comes time to serve cake. Each guest simply picks themselves out a spider cupcake and eats it. At the end of the party, the big Mama spider can be sent home with the birthday girl or boy.

Helpful Tips on making Spider Cupcakes
Click on photo below for larger image.
Pick your batter flavor: You can use any flavor cake mix that you want but I personally like to use a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting since most spiders are black or brown in color anyway. Bake your cupcakes according to directions and let completely cool. Let me say again: Let completely cool! If you frost while the cake is still warm it will melt your icing and take all the detail out of your spider.

Frost your cupcakes: You can spread your frosting on with a knife but I like to use a frosting bag & tip so I can make the spider look really fuzzy and wooly looking. The tip I use is the one that has several holes in it.

I like to start frosting at the outer rim of the cupcake first and work my way to the center. This way all your little steams of frosting can rest on the top of the last layer.

If your frosting is to thin... just add confectionary sugar to it; to make it stronger and hold the form better when your piping the chocolate. Do not use regular sugar or brown sugar ok. It only makes it thinner in my opinion and you want the icing to be thick so it holds it shape and only powdered sugar or flour will do that for you.

Licorice Candy: The legs of the spiders are made out of licorice. You can use the lace type which looks like string or you can use twizzler twists like I used in the photo. I like the twists because it makes the legs have more character. Licorice comes in all colors so you can make your spiders any color that you want. They don't have to be brown.

Cut to size: If you are using licorice twists you will actually need to cut them in half and in half again so the legs size match the cupcake size. If you are using strings you will only have to worry about the correct length.

Spider Eyes: You can use any type of candy that you want but I love to use M&M's for many food craft projects. It's easy to work with, it's hard shell coating doesn't melt. And I like for the M's to be showing because it looks like the spiders have a twinkle in their eyes. hahaha!

All the different colors looks impressive with the dark brown frosting but I personally like the spiders with the brown eyes the best. Now to make the spiders really wooly, dont use cupcake sleves. Turn them upside down and frost the whole thing!!!

More Tips: Now just so you know, spiders do have more than 2 eyes and if you want, you can add more candy for more eyes. I always stick with the 2 eyes with cupcakes and I add more eyes on large cakes.

Displaying your cupcakes: It Spiders look great simply grouped together flat on a table but if you can also use props as well. It may be hard to see from this photo but these spider cupcakes are sitting on a cupcake rack that holds 13 cupcakes. You can also get them that hold 24 and even more. It makes them look like a Christmas tree.

Photos for fun!  Yes we have cats! cats! and more cats! And NO- they are not allowed on the table where the food is but we couldn't resist taking their photos while they were trying to see if the spiders were alive or not.
The hubby did a great job with the photos! Thank you honey!