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"Welcome to our Work At Home Guide!"
For Ordinary People who want to learn how to make money with the  Internet.

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So your ready to tackle the Internet and give working from home your best shot.  The Internet is a perfect place for an Online Business because the whole world is your market!  The Internet is growing in leaps and bounds and that's why so many people are taking advantage of starting a Home Internet Business.

Millions of people are ready to do the same thing but they don't have a clue where to start.  In order to get your feet wet, we have listed small baby steps to help you get started.  We realize that the Internet can be overwhelming and this is just a beginners guide to introduce you to what type of programs are out there to help you succeed.  The worst part about being a beginner, is how time consuming it is to find and collect up all the information you need to make your choices.  Hopefully our "Baby Step Guide" will take some of the frustration out of your research and give you a better understanding of what your looking for.

Read our Guide carefully.  It's a FREE Guide.  If you don't understand a part, stop and read it again.  The key to learning and succeeding is READ READ READ!  The more you read the more you will learn.  Click on our examples and read read read again.  Then return back to our guide to continue learning.

Our Guide is set up to be a step by step, in the order that you need to do it.  Our Guide is also set up for beginners so there is no heavy hitter information here that will go right over your head.  Bookmark us so you can return back to our Guide as you complete each learning section.  We are happy to help!  As you will find out, helping others to succeed is the key to success and ..... we wan't to succeed as well.  
We hope this Guide is helpful to you.  Best of luck to you and your new business.
You Can Do It!


Step by Step Topics we will be covering-
... in the order you need to do it.

Brainstorming- Webhost or not
Choose a Business Opportunity
Choose Income Opportunities
Choose Your Niche
Affiliate Powered ECommerce Sites
Building your new site

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Lets Get Started  Brainstorming

Do you want to build your own website so you can maximize your potential?  If you do, then you need to ask yourself these questions ---

Ok, we are going to go through each of those questions but first -
Do you know what web hosting means?
"Web hosting is a service that provides a physical location in which a web site resides. Customers' websites are stored on computer servers located in secure and climate-controlled environments and permanently connected to the Internet through high-speed data lines."  "Customers can work on local webpage files and then upload them to the server. As soon as the pages are uploaded to the server, they become live visible to anyone surfing the World Wide Web."  "Web hosting providers usually charge a monthly fee for hosting services."  "Some providers host websites free of charge."  "In these cases, the services are usually paid for by the placement of small ads on the sites being hosted."

This definition is taken from  A Free Webhosting Guide
Their free overview helps you find
and compare Free Web Hosting plans.
If you need to learn more about Webhosting, then click on their link.
When your finished reading, return back here to our Guide.


Note:  Your very own Internet provider may offer webhosting.  Ours does - So if you are confident with your Internet Provider,  give them a call and ask them.  But if not, here are some links to host site that we feel are great for beginners.  We have used both of these ourselves and the site you are reading right now is hosted by Homestead.  We pay for our site and our hosting budget is around $23.00 a month.  That is pretty close to what we pay for Homestead and we have over 300 pages to our website too!!  Wow!  Now Homestead has several different pay packages to fit your budget.  We picked the middle package because we felt it fit our needs because we needed to be able to have a lot of pages since our website is a Directory.

Now I know your wondering..... Do we get a commission for suggesting Homestead as a beginners website?  No we don't.  But we do get a commission if anyone signs up with Earthlink.  We are an affiliate with them.  After all, this is a website business and affiliate links are the name of the game.  Smileeeeeee -  This is just one of many companies that you can be affiliated with and their name is highly well known!  This is another key tip when finding sites to be affiliated with.  Pick well know companies.

Now lets talk briefly about the advantages and disadvantages.
Free Hosted Site:  Well.... naturally the best part about a free hosted site is that its FREE!  Sometimes if your really green to the Internet its a good idea to get yourself a free site so you can practice designing it like you like it.  The bad part about a free site is that your only able to have a certain amount of space to use in building your pages.  We have noticed that its usually around 10 pages that you have to work with.  It's common practice for websites to have these pages:
1) Home page
2) About us
3) contact us
4) Site Map
5) Privacy Policy
6) Terms of us
If you only have 10 pages to begin with, that only leaves you with 4 pages to work with as your business content.  Would that be enough?  Once you reach your limit you can't add anything more if you need to.  So this is a limited choice but if your needs are small then this would be just fine.   It will depend on what you pick for the subject of your Internet Business.
You may want to do what we did.  We started with a FREE site just so we could practice with our designing skills and typing skills since we had no idea how to build a website, much less how to do HTML.   The site we were playing with was not for business purposes but a personal fun website so we could learn how it all worked first.  We played with the site while we were gathering our information about what we wanted our site to be about.  You may want to do the same. 


Choose a  Business Opportunity
Choose a Business Opportunity that offers a product or service that people want or need.   
Business Opportunities usually bring in bigger money than Income Opportunities.
Highly consumable products are always a good choice when picking.  Highly Consumable products means the buyers will continue to come back and buy the same product again and again and again.

This would be a true business in every since of the word and a business that you would need to focus a lot of your time on running because it would really be your Internet Business.  You would actually be self employed and would make long term residual income.  You would need to be willing to be a coach, a mentor and a support team member because helping others is helping you to grow your business.  The biggest part of making it with an Internet Business is the willingness to focus and help others who join under you.  If you don't feel that mentoring people is your cup of tea.... then you may like the idea of Income Opportunities instead of Business Opportunities. 

Most ALL business opportunities require $ start up capitol.  Start up costs for a Work-At-Home business would be a lot less than what a real building with a store front would cost you.  Yessssss, to have a real business you have to spend real money.  Just because you choose to work from home does not mean you don't have to spend money.  The old saying is true.... you have to spend money to make money.  Just not as much of it.  So if your really interested in joining a program and going into business for yourself, then you need to start saving up around $100.00 to $600.00 to start.  Most of the business opportunities we find on the Internet run somewhere in this range.  Expect $300.00 to $4000.00 for a starting cost from a Fortune 500 site -A real business with an excellent reputation and track record.  Joining an excellent well know name is usually worth the money.  Caution!  Do not pick the first site you see and slap over a big chunk of money to them.  There are scams all over the Internet and we suggest that you do your research.  If you don't recognize the name, then stay away from them until you can find out more information..... If they are not listed with the Better Business Bureau...... stay away from them! 
Go to our Business Opportunity page for more detailed information about the examples below.



Choose a  Income Opportunity
that will bring you in some small recurring money. Usually residual income.
Income Opportunities are a little different than Business Opportunities.  Income Opportunities are usually FREE to sign up and you get a commission on the programs that you join and promote.  Sometimes its products that you advertise on your own website by way of a banner or link and you make a commission off of the sale of that item.  Many websites base their whole site on promoting a huge list of these programs.  This way they are sure to make a bit of money on each of them, which adds up to big money when the totals are combined at the end of the month.  The Internet has become a huge market for computer software so you will find many income opportunities with just that.  Income Opportunities don't normally cost anything to join but many programs do have optional extended membership benefits where you pay a small monthly fee.... say under $20.00 for better income opportunities.  With income opportunities it is not always necessary to be a mentor to anyone.  Usually you never have any contact with any of the people who buy the products from your site.  Your actually just getting an advertising commission and therefore it would not be necessary to be a leader to anyone.  Now having said that, you will run across special designed programs every now and then that do give you contact capabilities to other people in the program so you can work as a team.
What are Income Opportunities

Choose a  Niche
To read our full article on Choosing your Niche, Click Here
You will see this word used quite often over the Internet.  It means:  What is the subject matter or the theme of your websites about.  "What is your niche?"  When you decide to build your first website you need to decide what the Niche of your site will be.  What ever the subject matter you pick for your website will normally be the same income opportunities that you pick to advertise on your new website.  They should match or relate to each other in a close way.  These will be the programs that you will belong to, to make your commissions with.  When the theme of your website and the affiliate programs you pick match, it makes your sites look and feel more professional.  It's very important that your site has a real subject so you know what to advertise as well.  Sites that are jumbled up with anything and everything normally do not do well when it comes to return visitors.
NOTE:  It is possible to break down your website in different categories therefore having different subject matters. In many cases it is absolutely necessary.  In order to do this you must keep your subjects separated so your site stays clean and still be easy to navigate.  
Examples: of this would be-
We have placed a few Niche examples below to help you with brain-storming about what you want your websites subject to be.
Plus examples of what products you can be affiliated with to match that theme.  Once you click on a site..... if you like what you see and you would like to place this sites information on your own website, then search the site for the word "Affiliates."  Some sites make you search high and low for the link but keep searching page to page.  The Affiliate link is not always on the Home page.  Once you find the "Affiliate link," click on it.  It will take you to an Application Form that you have to fill out in order to be part of their program.  If you are accepted as one of their affiliates they will send you a confirmation email to let you know. 
Note: Not everyone is approved for affiliate membership.  The site owners will go visit your site to see what it looks likes and if they feel your site would be a good reference site for their product or services.
For more Detailed information read our "Choose Your Niche" page.

If the them of your website was "Affiliate Opportunities"-
Then you would pick income opportunities like these to place on your site.
Site Sell

If the theme of your site was: "Building a Great Website"
Then you would pick income opportunities related to building tools and help tools.

If the theme of your site was "Fun & Games"
If you noticed, our very own website is a Directory.  One of our options in our Directory is Entertainment.  The examples that we list here are the actual programs that we use in our Fun Section of our website.  You can sign up to be affiliates of these programs just like we did.
NCBuy Joke Center
NCBuy Video Game Downloads

If the theme of your site was "Marketing"

If the theme of your site was "Crafts"

Now lets pretend you have picked out some Income Opportunities that you want to try and you have placed them on your website/and or you have your referral links ready to promote.  What do you do now.

Use a system to advertise

and automate your business.
Offer support through communication and motivation.
Help your associates learn how to do the same.

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