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What are Emoticons?
Emoticons are the famous little emotion smilies that you see all over the Internet!  You find them in websites, in messenger services, chat rooms, in forums and in your emails.  Everybody loves Emoticons and they use them everywhere.  Emoticons help you express yourself in your writing.  If you are not good at getting your idea across, Emoticons can help you with that.  Emoticons are perfect for helping the reader to understand and enjoy what you have to say.  Just read our page here and you will see what we mean.  You will definitely be entertained.

Many Emoticons are Free to use      but not all of them.
When surfing the Internet you will find many websites that have free smilies and all they ask for is a link back to their site.  Some sites don't ask for anything at all, just that your enjoy them.

     Other websites sale emoticon packages.
These talented smiley designers work hard to make unique and special emoticons that you can't find anywhere else, that's why you find them for sale.  Most websites that sale emoticon packages will also have FREE one's for their visitors as well so don't fret.

How does it usually work?
Some sites require that you agree to receive their free newsletters. Some require that you use their own search bar in order to get the free Emoticons.  It doesn't matter which way you decide to get your fun smilies, just know that you will find them in every shape, form and theme there is.

Hey! Did you know you can find animal Emoticons as well?
Well you sure can!  In fact you will find some of the cutest little critters that you've ever seen.  We love animals here at Gone-ta-pott.com so we use many different Animal Emoticons on our site.

So get out there and get yourself some Emoticons!
On this page you will find many resources for getting your very own Emoticons for your own personal use.  Our Resource Directory makes it fun to search and our Directory makes readers return again and again!

Thank You for visiting!
Have fun surfing the great sites below!

Free emoticons for Outlook
How to download and use/ get codes
Smiley Central
MSN Topsites
Free Emoticons from Live Pencil
Click Smiles
Smilies can be fun / tutorials
Free Rock Emoticons and Avatars
Emoticons 4 U

Thank You!
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