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Hello friends my name is Pam and I'm the website creator. 
Yes that a picture of me and my hubby on the left there. giggle~

This site has been a special project for me and I have spent many hours planning and designing it even if I am an amateurs at it.  I wanted a site that not only was based on my interests but one hopefully fun and entertaining for all our friends and family.  I wanted one that was uplifting, positive and didn't have any negative aspects listed in it at all. I came to realize that all of the things that I loved had something to do with the Calendar in some way.  So my website became a Holiday Directory. I spend most of my days doing research about all the International observancesreligious holiday and even the hard to believe ones listed in our Weird National Holiday section. It's a joy to be able to read about all the celebrations around the world and pass on the information in hope that other's will get enjoyment from my findings..
The Love of Food
Stephen & I both love to eat so we love to cook. We have collected recipes to last a lifetime that fits in just perfect with all the National Food Holidays in our Directory.  Because of these holidays, much of our site is based on cookingrecipes & grilling fun. Stephen & I both love to cook outdoors on the grill so naturally we have a collection of our very own recipes and we thank each of you that tried them. 

The Love of Drinks
Have you guys noticed all the Coffee Holiday's that the Calendar has? Stephen & I are both big coffee & tea drinkers so we were excited to know  that we could dedicate a whole section of our website to all our favorite drinks. 

Stephen drinks hot tea but will not touch cold sweet tea. He said they just don't drink it that way in Australia. hahahaaa!  I on the other hand, (being from the South, United States) loves cold sweet tea and would prefer it over any other drink at supper time. We both drink lots and lots of coffee. Everything from flavored coffee's to cappuccinos to you name it!. If its got coffee in it, we love it. 

The Love of Animals
We have a great love for animals and nature and we spend much of our time taking care of our own 20 plus animals. We get lots of enjoyment out of feeding the wild birds and squirrels. In fact that's why we have incorporated many pages dedicated to animals and nature in our website. We support adoption of animals and we thank all of you who support "Save the wildlife causes as well." The Calendar has many day-long observances dedicated to National Animal Holidays so have fun reading about them in our website. 

The Love of Life, Faith & Creation
A Calendar wouldn't be a calendar if it didn't have Holiday's based on faithastronomyhoroscopesmoon magic and the full moon. We even have religious holidays like National Day of Prayer. The National Day of Prayer is a day designated by the United States Congress as a day when all Americans regardless of faith are asked to come together and pray in their own way. It is held on the first Thursday in May. The "National Day of Prayer" Task Force coordinates many local observances of the National Day of Prayer, however, it is an independent non-profit organization and does not act on behalf of the federal government.

We all have a different belief system depending on where we are from but it all boils down to the same thing. The love of life, being thankful to our God for all that we have, the faith in knowing that we are never alone, and the knowledge that life is meant to be filled with love and happiness.  The universe is a huge place and we never stop learning. When we share the good things in life we get back the good things in life. Our Directory has a lot of interesting topics that talk about all of this. Things like the Law of attraction and even topics about religious holidays like Easter and Christmas.  Halloween even has a spiritual background that dates back before Christ according to Halloween history. The worlds belief systems very drastically so our Holidays vary just the same. We even have Witch Holidays & Sabbaths too.

The Love of Gardening & Healing
Our calendar directory has a lot of information based on gardening, natural healing & herbs too. This is a subject that I hold close to my heart. I went to school for Horticulture many years ago and to this day plants and herbs continue to amaze me. You will even find information on how it all effects nature and our beautiful world around us. 

The Love of Sharing
Dreaming is a wonderful thing and it is our hope that our little website will be a blessing to everyone who reads it. We are not Internet pro's or website pro's by no means and we ask that you look over all our mistakes.  Smileeeeeeee.  Especially the grammar!  hahahaha! The Internet is a Hobby for us but we do hope you liked our sweet little site well enough to return again soon.  

If you do not enjoy what you are doing then it is not worth doing.....and the Internet and everything that it can do gives us many hours of satisfaction and enjoyment.  

We hope that you relaxed, smiled, laughed and learned with each minute that you visited with us.  

Many THANKS to all,
as long as people continue to read our site........ 
we will continue to write our site.

Please come back again soon,                           
                                                  by Pamela Svoboda  
Thank You for visiting our website,!
For those of you who have clicked on this page we would like to say "Thank You" for visiting our website.  A place to discover Holidays you didn't know existed.