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Witches Holidays
Witch 1
Women would prevent illness by gathering plants, herbs and roots from the land and cook it up in their nourishing meals for their families.  Hot herbal teas were drank long before we give it a name of "Herbal Tea."  All of this knowledge was a given and was handed down from family to family.

Our History tells us that much of that knowledge was intentionally forgotten and stopped from being practiced in homes all thanks to the unforgetable accusing of people being a witch both is Europe at the "Witch Burning" and in the United States which was related to the "Salem Witch Trials."   Women were in fear of taking care of their families like they could of because they didn't wan't to be named a witch.

It's interesting that in our History it was the Christians who were responsible for many of the accusing of innocent people and caused the death of those who were actually the one's who helped other.  A real Christian act.

Many of the sick and dying could of been helped it it weren't for the so called Christians and town leaders who forbid the use of healing practices.  It was considered the work of evil because it created healing miracles that many expressed no one could do but God himself.  The miracles were in the healing herbs and plants that were made up into the healing potions ( remember... the definition of a potion is a liquid or mixture that is medicinal /drinkable) or healing meals and healing teas.

(such as healing chicken noodle soup)
our ancestors knew it was healing long long ago.

So Now You Know
Much of the spooky stories of healers and "wise women" evolved after the witch burning and witch trials.  Why? Because it caused them to have to move deep in the forest in secret where no one else lived.  This became the beginning of all the spooky stories of people sneaking through the woods to visit a witch and get the latest potions from her.

The visual of a old haggard long haired women, dressed in a long dress and shall, brewing up a potion in a big black cauldron outside was an actual fact.  The long thick dress kept them warm and also kept their legs from getting cut and scraped when they were forging through the woods for herbs.  Shall's worn around the shoulders were the best way to keep warm because it was extremely hard to fashion a thick coat in those days. The cooking in big black cauldrons were usually done outside due to the fact that the blaze of the fire had to be so hot that many times it would be to hot to cook inside.  Another important thing to note is: cooking inside a cabin was a real fire hazard and many kitchens were outside and not inside like they are today.  These women were not evil even though it did seem scary.  They simply had the knowledge of plants and the desire to help others but in secret from then on.
written by: Pamela Price Svoboda

see Potions - "In the Beginning" for more info

The First Definition of the word Witch

The very first definition of the word "Witch" was "WISE ONE."
Our ancestors had all the knowledge of how to use herbs, edible flowers and things from the earth to heal and take care of their families.  In the olden days the wise ones were usually the women of the family.  They were the one who took care of the birthing of new babies, the nurturing of the sick and the tending to the dying.  It was natural that they be the one's who knew the most about healing because they had to.  They became "Wise Women." 
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Definitions of the word Witch

The very first definition of the word
"Witch" was "WISE ONE."  Under the influence of the Church and the newly formed male-dominated medical establishment, the word “witch,” which originally meant “wise one,” became a term of scorn.
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