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  Pumpkins make Frightfull Dinner Parties!
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Food Holidays
         We all would agree that Halloween just wouldn't be Halloween without jack'o lanterns, the color orange and the delicious taste of pumpkin to warm us up on a chilling October night. One of the most popular pumpkin dishes for a Spooky dinner party at Halloween is pumpkin soup. In fact pumpkin soup is a traditional meal that's served at dinner parties all throughout the month of October. Adults who celebrate Halloween tell us it's their first choice for an adults serious meal. Here's why:

Eating in the dark: The bright color of the orange soup shows up really good in the dark and all spooky dinner parties are always hosted in the dark. The only light that you would see would be from the large candelabra that's centered on the dinner table, candle sticks on the buffet or from flames in the fireplace. Oh, and we can't forget the shimmering light from the jack'o lantern! All of these are traditional and a must for all spooky dinner parties.

Adult Flavors? Moms tell us that Pumpkin Soup is more of an adult flavor although kids love the taste of it "if" it's in a fun Halloween environment. Otherwise they normally wouldn't eat it. You can find many different versions of pumpkin soup but most recipes are full of veggies that have been blended smooth with an emersion blender. Veggies like pumpkin, squash, potatoes, onions, carrots, root veggies, celery and turnips can all be found in different versions of pumpkin soup. These flavors are not exactly a kids favorite at first glance but they really taste delicious!  soup recipe

Serve with crusty bread: Pumpkin soup is a thick base soup that can easily be served as a bread dip. That's why home cooks always choose to serve the soup with a nice hot loaf of homemade crusty bread. You know the kind you lay on the table on a wooden cutting board that requires a very large knife to cut it with. Or have your guests just rip off rustic pieces to eat.

Bone Chillin Bread: If you're having a dinner party for a few laughs then you may want to think about serving a few spooky foods like Bone Chillin Breadsticks. You can shape the bread to look like big leg bones and it's quite funny to be sitting around a dinner table full of people; picking up a bread bone and biting on it all throughout the meal. Watching this in a dem light does looks gorey. Especially if they are dressed in a Halloween theme. Try spider bread dip bowls too-

Spooky Potato Eyeballs: If you think your guest would enjoy something floating in their soup, then think about serving potato eyeballs. Potatoes go great with pumpkin soup and look pretty impressive sitting on top too. This how-to video shows how to use a whole potato but you can also accomplish the same effect by rolling cold day old mashed potatoes up into a ball. Add a few herbs in the potatoes and it looks like dark spots in the eyes and vain's.

To Dress in Dracula Wear /Formal Dinner: Oh yes! you betcha! This is the #1 Halloween Dinner Party. I know your probably thinking- what? No way!  I'm here to tell you wayyyyy! We call it "To Dress in Dracula Wear." The women should dress in formal dresses with big fancy jewelry. The tradition is to look absolutely beautiful but at the same time, look scary. You can do this by using makeup with whiter base or white face powder. You have to go with very seductive eyeshadow (a bit over done) and eyeliner for sure! Black or red ruby lips are perfect. Veryyyy long fingernails are perfect too!  And oh yes, don't forget the hand fan to swish about as your having drinks. The men dress in Dracula style clothing too. You know the black formal suit,  ruffle white shirt, black shiney shoes, power vest and top hat if you can find one. A spooky powder face also goes for the men as well as the women. And men, don't forget the black cane, the power ring and the pocket watch!

Table Setting for Dinner: Ok, you wan't your dinner table to be spooky and fancy at the same time. So take a look at our page on "table setting for dinner" to get an idea on how to set the table. Remember the party is a spooky dinner party so let you ideas lean toward being over the top. hahaha! Big, beautiful and shinny always works! You need a tablecloth for sure. Silk, satin or lace looks great in the dark. The most popular table colors are either solid white, purple, black or maroon. Try incorporating more than one color. Draping the material rich looking. Keep in mind we are talking about a Halloween dinner party and not a regular dinner party. A little off the wall is expected.

Pumpkin Bowl: For a Dinner Party it's fun to serve your pumpkin soup in a cooked pumpkin bowl.  This way you can eat the soup and eat the bowl too. Halloween and Thanksgiving are perfect Holidays to serve pumpkin bowls. And if your birthday is during the fall season then by all means go pumpkin for your Birthday! The type of pumpkin you need is "small baking pumpkins" from the grocery store. Buy as many as there will be guests attending your dinner.

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This article is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License. It uses some material from Wikipedia/article pumpkin soup / and other related pages. Top photo: belongs to gone-ta-pott.com
A look into National Pumpkin Holidays
National Pumpkin month: October
Pumpkin Cheesecake Day: October 21
National Pumpkin Pie Day: December 25
National Soup Month: January
Homemade Soup Day: February 4
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